World’s leading executive program for General Counsel

Learning goals & Personal development
Prof. dr. Hans van Oosterhout
Corporate Venturing
Prof. dr. Vareska van de Vrande
C-Suite Level Strategic Analysis & Business Model Innovation
Prof. dr. Pursey Heugens
Corporate Strategy, Ownership & Governance
Prof. dr. Hans van Oosterhout
Reputation Management & Communication
Prof. dr. Cees van Riel
The Future of the General Counsel
Prof. Richard Susskind OBE
Intercultural Management
Wanne Wiersinga
Effective Leadership & being a better trusted advisor to CEO’s
Kevin Murray

General Counsel Executive Program

The role and position of General Counsel (GC), leaders of in-house legal teams and managers of their organisation’s legal risks, have experienced a significant change over the past years. GC are expected to be pro-active members of the corporate decision-making team and act as change agents. The world’s leading General Counsel Executive Program will teach you how to become a modern legal business leader, and how to prepare for future challenges internally and externally. From an experienced lawyer to a trusted advisor at CEO level. Enhance your business acumen to advance your career and ability to lead as a GC. A top-notch academic week with highly respected professors from renowned universities and business schools..

Become a modern legal business leader

The General Counsel Executive Program, a joint initiative of GCN, the network for General Counsel, and distinguished visiting Professors of renowned Universities and business schools, provides GC with the skills they need to excel in their current and future roles. The Program, which is intended for GC around the world, creates important new possibilities for innovation, leadership, and decision-making at the highest level associated with the GC’s position. This increases as companies become more international, with compliance, governance, reputation management, privacy and ethics put high on company agendas. During one varied and intensive week, top instructors will provide you with indispensable knowledge and skills, as well as broad analytical concepts, tools, and the mindset GC need in the future. In addition, it provides you with unique, first-hand knowledge and experiences of other GC and Executives.


All participants of the General Counsel Executive Program are invited to join the GCEP Alumni Community (GAC) and the online GAC platform. The purpose of the GAC is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the GCEP and its Alumni and is a great way to keep in touch with your fellow GCEP Alumni friends. The online GAC platform helps Alumni to connect with fellow GCEP graduates and offers access to valuable content, among which all the homework, studies and the presentations of the professors and updates on GCEP Alumni activities and gatherings. For every edition of the Program all Alumni are invited to join the Alumni reunion event.

Exclusively for GCEP Alumni, GCEP organises every year a GCEP Summer Course of two intensive days. To continue learning, to stay in the positive GCEP-flow and to further develop the bond between the GCEP Alumni.

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The next edition of the GCEP will take place from Sunday, January 26 to Friday, January 31, 2025. You can register for this edition via the Apply Now button. 

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  • From an experienced lawyer to a trusted business advisor at CEO level
  • A top-notch academic week
  • Highly respected professors from renowned universities
  • Internationally oriented
  • The power of teamwork and exchanging ideas with peers
  • Superior location with all-in hospitality guarantees 100% dedication
  • International GCEP Alumni Community

The international scope was excellent
The GCEP is an excellent opportunity for General Counsel to advance their understanding on organizational structures and strategies – imbuing its participants with practical information to enhance their departmental efficiency and effectiveness. As a U.S. based attorney leading the legal function of a global organization, the international scope of the GCEP was excellent, as it provided insight into many issues faced by my organization as we expand throughout Europe. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, I now have 19 new friends – General Counsels from a wide range of industries, backgrounds, and regions that I can call on for advice or just to chat. – Onlogic, Justin McCabe, General Counsel

The GCEP exceeded my expectations on all fronts
The GCEP exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The topics were all very relevant for my day-to-day work and contributed to my development, from learning more about business strategy and viewpoints from a CEO perspective to discussions about the future of our profession. The agenda was packed with useful insights and the build-up of the program carefully designed and coordinated. I left the program with practical points of action that helps me and my team to support the company in an even better way. Invaluable is also the network of 20 GCs that we created in just a week’s time: we’ve made alliances, shared perspectives, and build friendships. – Nobian Industrial Chemicals, Sarah Gerritse, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Amongst many others General Counsel of the following companies completed the GCEP successfully:

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