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The General Counsel of the Future
Prof. dr. Hans van Oosterhout
C-Suite Level Strategic analysis & Competitive Strategy
Prof. dr. Pursey Heugens
Corporate Strategy, Ownership & Governance
Prof. dr. Hans van Oosterhout
Reputation Management & Communication
Prof. dr. Cees van Riel
Legal Technology & Legal Operations
Prof. Richard Susskind OBE
Effective Leadership & being a better trusted advisor to CEO’s
Kevin Murray


General Counsel Executive Program

The role and position of General Counsel (GC), leaders of in-house legal teams and managers of their organisation’s legal risk, have experienced a significant change over the past years. GC are no longer confined to a reactive role that consists of fighting fires on a daily basis for their organisations. They are expected to be proactive members of the corporate decision-making team and act as change agents. New ways of working are essential; GC have to deliver cost-effective and responsive legal services to their businesses, and the GC’s office should lead the way with technology to drive efficiency and manage change and risk. Now is the time to prepare for these challenges. The General Counsel Executive Program will teach you how to become a modern legal business leader, and how to prepare for future challenges internally and externally.

Become a modern legal business leader

The General Counsel Executive Program, a joint initiative of General Counsel Netherlands (GCN) and distinguished visiting Professors of renowned Universities, provides GC with the skills they need to excel in their current and future roles. Its primary focus is not on technical legal skills, but on increasing the GC’s business acumen. The Program, which is intended for GC around the world, creates enormous opportunities for innovation, leadership, and decision-making at the highest levels associated with the GC’s position. These opportunities are increasing as companies become more international, and with compliance, governance, reputation management, privacy and ethics ranking high on company agendas. During a varied and intensive week, top instructors will provide you with indispensable knowledge and skills, as well as broad analytical concepts, tools, and the mindset GC members need in the future. In addition, it provides you with unique, first-hand knowledge and experiences of other GC and Executives.


All participants of the General Counsel Executive Program are invited to join the GCEP Alumni Community (GAC) and the online GAC platform. The purpose of the GAC is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the GCEP and its alumni and will be a great way to keep in touch with your fellow GCEP alumni friends. The online GAC platform helps alumni to connect with fellow GCEP graduates and offers access to valuable content, among which all the homework, studies and the presentations of the professors and updates on GCEP alumni activities and gatherings.

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The upcoming GCEP will take place from January 24 – 29, 2021

Registration is now open. We encourage you to register here since we only have limited capacity for this run.

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  • From an experienced lawyer to a trusted business advisor at CEO level
  • A top-notch academic week
  • Highly respected professors from renowned universities
  • Internationally oriented
  • The power of teamwork and exchanging ideas with peers
  • Superior location with all-in hospitality guarantees 100% dedication
  • International GCEP Alumni Community

Amongst many others General Counsel of the following companies completed the GCEP successfully:

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