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Michiel van Straaten LLM
Faculty Chair and former General Counsel
T +31(0)6 1483 7202
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Petra van Hilst LLM
Faculty Chair and former General Counsel
T +31(0)6 4106 9433
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Focus on a value-adding role with impact at a strategic level
A high quality Program tailored to the needs of the modern General Counsel, that I highly recommend. The GCEP is challenging you as a trusted legal adviser to look beyond the legal perspective and to focus from that legal perspective on a value-adding role with impact at a strategic level in the line of business that your legal function supports. To achieve this, the Program provides you with inspiring theory together with practical tips and tricks with a hands-on approach. The GCEP gives you the opportunity to learn together, to exchange thoughts and to share experiences amongst peers from different backgrounds in a sociable atmosphere. – Nationale Nederlanden Bank, Henk Martius, General Counsel

The whole organization benefits from the GCEP
The GCEP 2019 was an inspiring week. From a great many angles a clear view was given on the role of the GC in a rapidly changing world and the challenges we are facing. It is a well balanced program with academic lectures and practical applicability and with ample time for discussion and sharing experiences with peers. But above all it was fun. It is really worth it sharing the GCEP knowledge and experiences with colleagues. I have shared the most important insights with my fellow MT-members and I presented to my other colleagues the major trends in our changing world and their consequences for all of us. By doing this the whole organization benefits from the GCEP. – Betaalvereniging | Currence, Marco Demmink, General Counsel