Day Six

Effective Leadership

Lead instructors

Prof. dr. Janka Stoker
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Prof. dr. Harry Garretsen
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One of the defining features of the GC function is his or her relationship to the leadership of the organization, in particular to the CEO and the Top Management Team. In order to be effective, the GC has to understand not only the specific leadership styles that characterize the CEO and the TMT, but also the wider organizational context in which these leaders operate. Moreover, the GC has to have an understanding whether and how the organizational context changes over time, and what this might imply for the behavior of leaders. This module delivers practical insights based on state-of-the art empirical evidence you need for being an effective GC.

You will explore:

  • Leadership in a changing world
  • Management practices and organizational performance
  • Leadership theories
  • Organizational change


  • Understand why and how leadership matters for organizational performance
  • Understand the role and effect of various leadership styles and typologies
  • Understand how leaders respond to change
  • Become a more effective conversation partner and advisor to c-suite decision-makers

GCEP gives access to the thought leaders from the academic world
I was expecting an inspirational and stimulating program with co GC’s who will be open to share their successes and inner questions with humor and who were, just like me, seeking to grow.

I got a week, full of theoretical information which put a sound base in strategic thinking and with practical insights from the teachers as well as from the co GC’s. I got the definite confirmation that wanting to be compliant is all about the strong believe that it is a genuine part of doing business and all about reputation. I found out that corporate governance is just a way to get things done in the right way, consciously, in control and taking into account the different stakeholders and there specific interests and needs. Next I learned that reputation is build up on a strong sustainable internal alignment and that professional reputation management is essential to successfully preserve and innovate. The 5th day I build a strong believe in the great need of not only having a solid legal strategy but also that there is a way out in the constant pressure to do more in less time and with less capacity by embracing legal technology and alternative suppliers. The final day was all about leadership in which we were softly coached by the sheep’s and a bit firmer by learning that effective leadership is all about performance.

Summarizing an inspiring week with nice, open and realistic GC’s , perfectly taken care of by the staff of the Hotel Mansion Het Roode Koper and a big help on the path of the transition as GC from legal advisor to strategic advisor. – Coöperatie VGZ, Miriam Clercx, Head Legal Affairs

Interesting, inspiring, educational and thought provoking
I found the GCEP 2019 Program to be interesting, inspiring, educational and thought provoking. Interactive sessions with great speakers really gave insight into how I would like to shape the function of GC within my current company. Next to this, the setting was great and it was an intense yet fun week, also getting to know other GC’s and what they deal with. Recommendable! – Bilfinger Tebodin, Rudmer Lodewijk, Head of Legal