Day two

c-suite strategic management & risk management

Lead instructor

Prof. dr. Pursey Heugens
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In short

As the GC function evolves from the traditional role of Chief Legal Affairs towards the contemporary roles of trusted advisor, board secretary, or direct report to the executive board, a better understanding of the corporation’s strategy and organizational design becomes a decisive factor for the GC’s effectiveness. This module both delivers the tools you need for this chief executive (c-suite) level strategic analysis, and engages in a scenario-style exercise that will enable you to identify, justify, and take control of the General Counsel’s mandate in contemporary organizations.

You will explore core topics such as:

  • business model analysis and innovation
  • first mover advantages and disadvantages
  • generic strategies and the benefits of focus
  • competitive strategy and industry structure
  • blue ocean strategy and industry transformation.

Key benefits

  • Become a better conversation partner and advisor to c-suite decision-makers.
  • Better understand the bi-directional influence between law and strategy.
  • Develop a vision of the General Counsel as a strategic change agent.