Day three

Corporate governance: a strategic perspective

Lead instructor

Prof. dr. Hans van Oosterhout
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In short

Corporate Governance is about the Company and Country level ‘rules of the game’ within which Company’s create and deliver value to their stakeholders, such as shareholders, creditors, clients, suppliers, and third parties. Both in shaping the Corporate-level Governance rules and as a player within the country-level rules, the GC function is located at a critical nexus in the Company where all Corporate Governance issues come together. During this day you will develop a strategic perspective on the central Corporate Governance role that the GC plays in contemporary enterprise organizations.

You will research:

  • Corporate Governance: the core strategic challenges and practices
  • Corporate Governance: combining strategic and legal perspectives
  • Design and maintenance of Corporate Governance systems
  • Developing Governance policies, practices and actions towards shareholders and stakeholders
  • Managing compliance, fraud and integrity as part of a comprehensive Corporate Governance strategy

Key benefits

  • Learn how to think strategically about Corporate Governance and counsel on the development of high-performance Corporate Governance strategy.
  • Discover how to configure the strategic, legal and ethical dimensions of Corporate Governance into a comprehensive Corporate Governance strategy.
  • Manage firm-stakeholder relationships strategically and mitigate the risks associated with contracting, compliance, litigation and ethics

It challenged my way of thinking about the legal profession
The GCEP to me brought real added value on matters that are important to the modern General Counsel, such as strategic management, reputation management and leadership. It challenged my way of thinking about the legal profession and priority setting. All in wonderful setting with good key-note speakers, challenging assignments and open and honest discussions with my fellow students. – SHV Holdings, Lonneke de Beer, General Counsel

Enables GCs to take a step back and to think at a strategic level
An excellent program that I highly recommend! The GCEP challenges and enables GC’s to take a step back and to think at a strategic level. I experienced the interaction with peers from various industries and countries as very inspiring. – InsingerGilissen Bankiers, Mike Staring, General Counsel