Day six

Effective Leadership & being a better trusted advisor to CEO’s

Lead instructor

Kevin Murray
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One of the defining features of the GC function is his or her relationship to the leadership of the organization, in particular to the CEO and the Top Management Team. In order to be effective, the GC has to understand what drives the C-suite, in particular, the CEO, and his or her need to manage relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, all with differing needs. The main concern of the TMT is to deliver sustainable growth and high performance, and this module will look at what drives employee engagement, performance and successful change in organisations. It will also enable the GC to be a more inspiring leader of his or her own team. This module delivers practical insights based research involving 120 CEO’s, 5000 senior managers and 8000 employees.

You will explore:

  • The demands on leaders in a changing world – and what drives their behaviours
  • Why employee engagement is crucial to high performance and governance
  • The leadership behaviours that best inspire employees
  • Why leaders are obsessed with culture, purpose and values
  • What you need to do to be more inspiring yourself


  • The impact of good Leadership in times of crisis
  • Improve the performance of your own team
  • Understand why and how leadership matters for organizational performance
  • Become a more effective conversation partner and trusted advisor to C-suite decision-makers