For whom

The  General Counsel Executive Program provides answers to questions such as:

  • How can General Counsel participate more effective in Chief Executive level conversations and influence the process of strategic decision-making in their companies?
  • How can General Counsel develop an essential toolkit of skills in crucial areas such as strategic analysis, corporate governance and leadership?
  • How can General Counsel prepare themselves optimally for the current and future changes in their vocational roles by proactively acquiring a repertoire of highly effective behaviours?

Why choose the General Counsel Executive Program?

  • There is no similar high-level Business Program for GC in the world designed specifically for the new challenges that General Counsel encounter.
  • You will develop deeper knowledge into the business principles and processes applied in your department and company and broaden your outlook on future challenges.
  • The Program’s instructors are all experienced executive educators and highly renowned faculty members at first class Universities.

For whom is it?

This top Executive Program is geared towards practising General Counsel who want to learn more about the business and strategic issues facing their department and their companies, and who seek to develop themselves into more effective leaders of their legal departments. It is also very suitable for GC preparing to assume broader responsibilities, and for those who aspire to transfer to another top General Counsel position in the future.

You will benefit from the Program if you:

  • work as an ultimately responsible in-house lawyer, such as General Counsel, Head of Legal, Chief Legal Officer or Secretary to the Board.
  • have completed a recognized University law degree or equivalent University degree.
  • have a minimum of 10 years’ relevant working experience.
  • are motivated to actively participate in an ambitious Program.
  • have an open mindset towards innovation and leadership, and high ethical standards.
  • have a high level of fluency in the English language.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the admission requirements.