Day five

Legal Technology & Legal Operations


Prof. Richard Susskind OBE
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Workshop Intercultural Management
Wanne Wiersinga

In short

General Counsel, as never before, now need to think strategically. Although their departments do not generally have profit motives, they are under great pressure to be more business-like: to cut their internal and external legal costs, to work more efficiently, to justify their existence in commercial terms, to embrace technology and different methods of sourcing legal work, to show that their set-up is preferable to alternative suppliers, and to operate in a world shaken by Covid-19. On top of their conventional legal services, increasingly in-house counsel are also asked to be legal risk managers – to anticipate and avoid all sorts of legal (including regulatory) risks. They are expected to put a fence at the top of the cliff as well as an ambulance at the bottom.

And yet, they have limited resources. Accordingly, they must plan for the long term, prioritize, and ensure that they are bringing value. In other words, they need to formulate their own strategies and take the future and technology seriously.

This session will:

  • Explain relevant trends in the legal industry
  • Outline the strategic challenges facing GCs
  • Offer practical guidance on the formulation of a strategy for in-house legal departments
  • Explain the current and future impact of technology
  • Discuss alternative suppliers of legal services
  • Consider the medium and long-term impact of Covid-19.

Highly inspirational, meaningful and full of learning
The GCEP 2018 for me was highly inspirational, meaningful and full of learning. The contact with and access to the knowledge of top notch professors and a huge diversity of fellow GC’s, has been a great source of information and was very interesting. The transformation within topics from high strategic to practical use within the GC field of work and responsibility was really strong. Furthermore it was a week of fun, great service and location, food, drinks and a Great possibility to meet new and interesting people. – Basic-Fit International, Mischa Geerards, General Counsel & Company Secretary

All aspects and knowledge GCs need, are part of the program
The GC executive program is a fantastic program. All the aspects and knowledge GC’s need to exceed in their job, are part of the program. Things like the blue and red ocean, thinking about innovation within your organization, which tactics work best in creating external alignment, how important reputation management is and who does what in reputation management, are a few of these topics. Having Richard Susskind with us one day, was just fantastic. Insight for me is to always remember that clients don’t want professionals, they want the outcome we bring. This is something we have to keep in mind when drafting your legal department and what services you will provide for your organization. Finally we learned that leadership does matter and can be learned! Last but not least it was great to talk and share this information among peers and learn from each other and form mostly wonderful professors in a great atmosphere and in a great hotel. – Enexis, Malinda Miener, General Counsel