Day four

reputation management & communication

Lead instructor

Prof. dr. Cees van Riel
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In short

A positive reputation reduces transaction costs substantially (attracting new employees, loans from banks and government support). Managing reputation was in the past the sole responsibility of the communication department. That is no longer the case and other specialists (General Counsel, HR and Risk) have taken co-ownership in protecting the firm from future reputation damage and even more important building a long-lasting reputation that evokes competitive advantage with all stakeholders the firm depends upon.

Key benefits

Reputation Management is an important topic in the General Counsel Executive Program. Prof. Van Riel will focus in a one-day session on the following topics:

  • Case studies showing the importance of reputation and the different roles the GC and the CCO have in managing reputation dominated challenges.
  • An overview of the academic backgrounds and the practical rules of the game in reputation management.
  • The Covid-19 crisis: examples of recent discussions at Board Level that impact your company’s reputation: Board Remuneration, Dividend Distributions and Corporate Restructuring

I learned also a lot from my fellow GC’s
Great academic program with well esteemed professors and a good link to the daily practice of a General Counsel. The presentation with Richard Susskind made you really think about the challenges of the future. I learned also a lot from my fellow GC’s due to the variety of companies for which they work. There was also a good balance between learning, doing and having a bit of fun! – Sanoma, John Vogel, Director Legal Affairs

There was a great vibe between the participants
The GCEP was an intense mini-MBA, with top professors from various universities, who inspired and challenged me to think differently about the legal profession within companies. The sessions also offered me practical tips&tricks, as well as roleplays and interactive workshops. There was a great vibe between the participants, which offers me a valuable network. – HB Capital, Esther Ribberink-Nagel, Senior Legal Counsel