Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray has been advising leaders and leadership teams around the world for the past three decades. He has worked across a wide variety of sectors, often having to help leaders to deal with significant change programmes as well as a range of other business challenges including, sometimes, managing crises and issues, always working closely with general counsel. He has also provided personal coaching for many of these leaders, helping them to become more inspiring.

Kevin is author of the best-selling books The Language of Leaders, Communicate to Inspire, and People with Purpose. His books have been published by Kogan Page and were finalists in the Chartered Management Institute’s Management Book of the Year Awards. They have been published in many languages around the world.

His latest book is called “The Charismatic Leader” and was published in February 2020.

He has interviewed more than 120 CEOs for his research, and commissioned ground breaking studies involving 5000 managers and 8000 employees to understand what most inspires, engages and motivates employees. As a result of his books and his research, Kevin now gives talks and workshops on leadership around the world.

He has himself been a successful businessman, having led the biggest public relations and communications group in the UK for more than 15 years. He has 40 years of experience in communications, change management and leadership, first as a journalist, then in corporate communications, and in consultancy. Previously, he was Director of Communications for British Airways, and before that Director of Corporate Affairs for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (AEA).

He started his career as a crime reporter on The Star newspaper in South Africa, in 1973, and has also written a chart-topping crime novel, Blood of The Rose.