Ample time to discuss matters in our GC peer group
For me the General Counsel Executive Program created a very interesting interaction with the topics that C-level executives encounter in their daily practice. The high-class Lead Instructors illustrated the topics and various dilemma’s perfectly and there was ample time to discuss these matters in our GC peer group. Furthermore the hospitality at the location was of the highest standards. It was an enriching academic week, which has helped me to become an even better trusted C-Suite advisor and modern legal leader.

Wilko Tijsse Claase, Director Legal Affairs, Port of Amsterdam

Enables GCs to take a step back and to think at a strategic level
An excellent program that I highly recommend! The GCEP challenges and enables GC’s to take a step back and to think at a strategic level. I experienced the interaction with peers from various industries and countries as very inspiring.

Mike Staring, General Counsel, InsingerGilissen Bankiers

A high level impact program held in a superior environment
The General Counsel Executive Program stands for a high level impact program held in a superior environment. It is a fantastic way to learn all about the additional toolkit set General Counsel – around the globe – need to have nowadays. I highly recommend the General Counsel Executive Program for the national and international legal community aiming to become a General Counsel and going for top management positions.

Renate Lichtenegger, Senior Legal and Compliance Counsel, Lexperience AG

On the edge of our seats for six days in a row
Great way to improve your business and strategic skills in a team of fantastic and open-minded peers led by an impressive line-up of professors who kept us on the edge of our seats for six days in a row. The variety of industries, personalities and nationalities of the peer GCs gave a nicely balanced insight in the challenges and solutions within our profession but above all it was a recipe for accelerated learning and a lot of fun! The course was a big energy boost for further improving the legal function in a way that will definitively benefit the business in the short and in the long term.

Thijs van de Lugt , General Counsel, Aalbers Industries

Best in class accessible speakers
Incredibly intense week and learning experience with best in class accessible speakers. Taking a step back, getting high level and strategic insights on our role as GCs in a changing economy is the best thing I have done in many years. I learnt a lot, came back with new ideas, met with awesome GC colleagues, and had some good fun too. I felt very energized after this week and have a lot to translate into concrete call to actions for my team.

Vanessa Carpano-Chauvin , General Counsel EMEA, Align Technology

Challenges GCs to think beyond their traditional roles
The GCEP is taking up the challenge to develop the General Counsels of the future, preparing them for an expanded, value-adding role in the businesses that they support. The program contains some thought provoking content and challenges GCs to think beyond their traditional roles in organisations.

Kevin van Tonder, General Counsel Legal Shared Services, Schlumberger

Enjoyed the high level, well balanced, challenging and divers program
It was a privilege to be among 22 peers from a wide range of industries during the GCEP, where together with our professors we learned, discussed, shared experiences and enjoyed the high level, well balanced, challenging and divers program. It has left me fully inspired to take on the challenges of the modern GC.

Maaike van Urk, Group Legal & Business Affairs Director, Talpa Media

Real added value for your daily work
Real added value for your daily work. Good balance between intensity, fun and content!Unique to spend a week among peers and discuss relevant topics.

Michiel van Zijl, General Counsel, Member Executive Committee, Engie The Netherlands

A very good and challenging programme
The GCEP is really tailored to the needs of the General Counsel, as it adresses both the current challenges of the GC in terms of strategy, innovation, reputation management and leadership as well as the future challenges of the role in a rapidly changing and more technology focused environment. A very good and challenging programme that I would highly recommend.

Anne Hustinx, Corporate Legal Director, Royal Schiphol Group

I highly recommend the General Counsel Executive Program
I highly recommend the General Counsel Executive Program, which is the only program in the world specifically geared towards General Counsels. The challenging program is delivered by a top notch faculty and addresses the most pressing issues a General Counsel is faced with today.

Oliver Huegli, Group Head of Compliance, Swiss Life Holding

A powerful and inspiring week
The GCEP 2018 was a powerful and inspiring week. An excellent mixture of a solid educational program with expert speakers on relevant topics and interaction between peers providing a platform to share day to day challenges and best practices

Liza Hoesbergen, General Counsel & Director Group Legal, LeasePlan Corporation

It challenged my way of thinking about the legal profession
The GCEP to me brought real added value on matters that are important to the modern General Counsel, such as strategic management, reputation management and leadership. It challenged my way of thinking about the legal profession and priority setting. All in wonderful setting with good key-note speakers, challenging assignments and open and honest discussions with my fellow students.

Lonneke de Beer, General Counsel, SHV Holdings

I learned also a lot from my fellow GC’s
Great academic program with well esteemed professors and a good link to the daily practice of a General Counsel. The presentation with Richard Susskind made you really think about the challenges of the future. I learned also a lot from my fellow GC’s due to the variety of companies for which they work. There was also a good balance between learning, doing and having a bit of fun!

John Vogel, Director Legal Affairs, Sanoma

Highly inspirational, meaningful and full of learning
The GCEP 2018 for me was highly inspirational, meaningful and full of learning. The contact with and access to the knowledge of top notch professors and a huge diversity of fellow GC’s, has been a great source of information and was very interesting. The transformation within topics from high strategic to practical use within the GC field of work and responsibility was really strong. Furthermore it was a week of fun, great service and location, food, drinks and a Great possibility to meet new and interesting people.

Mischa Geerards, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Basic-Fit International

The program has proven to give me valuable insights and ideas
A great week with peers from diverse industries. Both the program and the group discussions challenged me to think at a higher, more strategic level. The program has proven to give me valuable insights and ideas that I can use in my day to day work.

Jackie Breedveld, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Vesteda

I would highly recommend the course to any legal professional
I had the privilege of attending the second GCEP, in February of 2018, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. First and foremost, the course was clearly designed to provide legal professionals with the kind of information that facilitates a true understanding of business drivers and strategies. From the outside, we were challenged to think of the role of the general counsel as a part of the overall management team – with goals aligned to the holistic business strategy. This knowledge was applied in practical workshops designed to expand the mindset of the lawyer, beyond the traditional role. I particularly enjoyed the discussions of “Legal Technology” and the way the Legal Department of the future must evolve and challenge conventional service delivery workflows in order to produce the outcome-focused results facilitated by emerging digital technology. I would highly recommend the course to any legal professionals who are interested in learning the key motivating factors for their business partners, while maintaining the focus on excellence in legal service delivery.

John Benson, Group General Counsel Drilling and Reservoir Characterization, Schlumberger

All aspects and knowledge GCs need, are part of the program
The GC executive program is a fantastic program. All the aspects and knowledge GC’s need to exceed in their job, are part of the program. Things like the blue and red ocean, thinking about innovation within your organization, which tactics work best in creating external alignment, how important reputation management is and who does what in reputation management, are a few of these topics. Having Richard Susskind with us one day, was just fantastic. Insight for me is to always remember that clients don’t want professionals, they want the outcome we bring. This is something we have to keep in mind when drafting your legal department and what services you will provide for your organization. Finally we learned that leadership does matter and can be learned! Last but not least it was great to talk and share this information among peers and learn from each other and form mostly wonderful professors in a great atmosphere and in a great hotel.

Malinda Miener, General Counsel, Enexis

To benefit my daily practice for years ahead
The GCEP is covering a broad spectrum of corporate and managerial subjects brought by leading university professors and interesting guest speakers. The interaction with other GC’s, the professors and guest speakers gave me hands on take-aways to benefit my daily practice for years ahead.

Michel Deinum, General Counsel & Advocaat, Sitech Servic

There was a great vibe between the participants
The GCEP was an intense mini-MBA, with top professors from various universities, who inspired and challenged me to think differently about the legal profession within companies. The sessions also offered me practical tips&tricks, as well as roleplays and interactive workshops. There was a great vibe between the participants, which offers me a valuable network.

Esther Ribberink-Nagel, Senior Legal Counsel, HB Capital

The General Counsel Executive Program was a very intensive, high quality and inspiring week. Interesting lectures from top end speakers, good discussions with fellow participants, all in a wonderful environment with first class service…

Harald van Hoorn, Global Director Legal, Koninklijke De Heus

A very intensive, high quality and inspiring week
The GC Executive Program brings focus on how to act as a General Counsel, bringing to life the opportunities that exist to act at C-suite level with a role of strategic relevance, going beyond just “legal”. GCEP gives access to the thought leaders from the academic world. An outstanding program for first time and experienced GC’s.

Marco Bijl, Chief Compliance Officer a.i., Royal IHC

GCEP gives access to the thought leaders from the academic world
I was expecting an inspirational and stimulating program with co GC’s who will be open to share their successes and inner questions with humor and who were, just like me, seeking to grow.

I got a week, full of theoretical information which put a sound base in strategic thinking and with practical insights from the teachers as well as from the co GC’s. I got the definite confirmation that wanting to be compliant is all about the strong believe that it is a genuine part of doing business and all about reputation. I found out that corporate governance is just a way to get things done in the right way, consciously, in control and taking into account the different stakeholders and there specific interests and needs. Next I learned that reputation is build up on a strong sustainable internal alignment and that professional reputation management is essential to successfully preserve and innovate. The 5th day I build a strong believe in the great need of not only having a solid legal strategy but also that there is a way out in the constant pressure to do more in less time and with less capacity by embracing legal technology and alternative suppliers. The final day was all about leadership in which we were softly coached by the sheep’s and a bit firmer by learning that effective leadership is all about performance.

Summarizing an inspiring week with nice, open and realistic GC’s , perfectly taken care of by the staff of the Hotel Mansion Het Roode Koper and a big help on the path of the transition as GC from legal advisor to strategic advisor.

Miriam Clercx, Head Legal Affairs, Coöperatie VGZ

Absolutely an amazing week
Absolutely an amazing week with in-depth knowledge providers and highly dedicated professionals. Highly recommended!

Haye Strikwerda, General Counsel, ACT commodities